About Me



   My name is Christopher Formont and I have been in the Raleigh area since 2002. I grew up in Long Island, NY and found interest in photography at a very young age. My first camera purchased was a Canon AE-1 back in 1979. which I still have to this day and is in perfect condition.  I take care of my gear and try to take that approach with everything I own.

Photography History


 At the young age of 12 I started my endeavor into the photography world under the influence of my older cousin Ken Gilloon. I was immediately hooked when i first saw his make shift darkroom that was setup in the family bathroom, which by the way was the only bathroom in the house. 

It was the start of high school back on 1980 when in 7th grade I started to take my camera with me to school snapping photos of kids in the hallway. Yes, that's right 7th grade was high school from where I came from as the town was fairly small compared to surrounding towns on Long Island. It wasn't long until i became part of the photography staff for the school newspaper The Gull. Don't ask me why they called it that but that was the name. In my senior year i became the photo editor for the newspaper along with being the photo editor of the school yearbook. Needless to say i wasn't in many pictures... 

My friends soon acquired a nickname for me then and is still used to this day; Fotomont or Photomont but you get the idea of the pronunciation. It has been over 30 years since I graduated high school and every year my friends and I get together for a few days of reminiscing about high school over a few beers... ok maybe more then a few.. and some tee time at various golf courses wherever we go. There are 8 of us total who are like brothers and although we don't keep in touch a lot during the year because of our own lives with families and all it is like we never skip a beat whenever we do talk. I cherish the memories of our childhood and will always be grateful for their friendships. .

Digital Photography


Digital photography is an incredible technology, coming from the film days it is so much different but the same in some ways. I remember taking pictures and not knowing how they would turn out until I got them back from the developer. It was a very nerve racking experience as you have to rely on your knowledge of controlling light to get a correct exposure. Today's cameras do it all for you if you want and if you screw up a picture you can review it and take it over again. Wow, that's a nice luxury to have.

So back to the BIO, In the years after high school I lost interest for a while as other events in my life took precedence, such as marriage and kids. I have two wonderful daughters that are my pride and joy and I would do anything for them. I enjoy working with kids as the child in myself has a tendency to surface around them. I mostly enjoy interacting with people in general which puts my photography specialty for portraits and people events such as engagements, family portraits and events in the spotlight.

Fast forward to present day

In the last 10 years pr so, I have found my passion once again that began in my teens and have decided to go full throttle with my endeavor. 

My preference for camera gear is various SONY models: A7, A9 series along with A6500 as a backup

I hope your choice in a photographer leads you this way..